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You Only Get One Set of Teeth. Choose the Best Dentist for You

The best dental care and the best dental treatments can only come from the best dentist. To be the best dentist in Saratoga Springs, we are committed to continually incorporating new techniques and new technologies that will provide the highest quality and the greatest comfort for our patients.

You no longer need to suffer from the pain and frustration of a broken-down smile; chew better and smile more confidently. Our Smiles for Life special methods and techniques provide pain-free, problem-free long-lasting smile solutions for even those that may have lost hope of ever smiling again.

Dr. Joseph Juracka’s years of experienced success in prevention, reconstruction, and preservation of dental health and beautiful smiles speak for themselves. If you desire excellent care, long-lasting value, and one of the top dentists in New York, Smiles for Life Dental Care in Saratoga Springs may be for you.

Expert services that set us apart from the other New York dentists include the following:

  • Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry: What are your teeth and smile saying about you?
  • Complex Reconstruction: Think your mouth is hopeless? Get back your lost smile, function, and comfort at a place highly trained in advanced dentistry and knowing just what to do.
  • Aging Adult Dentistry: Want to live 10 great years more or look years younger? Ask us how.
  • Dental Implants: Easy, proven, and affordable implant solutions provided right in our advanced dental center to replace one to all of your missing teeth.
  • Teeth Whitening Experts: Nobody or nothing can get your teeth their whitest and brightest like a dentist trained in advanced whitening methods.
  • Prevention: Tooth and Gum disease prevention and intervention can save your teeth and your life! We have the solutions to keep you and your family safe and healthy.
  • Family Dental Services that keep you and your family healthy and smiling.
  • Amalgam-free and Mercury-free dentistry for nearly two decades.
  • Endodontics: One Visit E-Z Root Canal Therapy; not the old 2-4 painful visits!
  • Tooth-Colored Fillings that look just like teeth and last using advanced placement techniques.
  • Preventive Sealants to block out cavities where Fluoride can’t

To become a patient in our dental office, call today at 518-886-8610.

Broken Down Smiles and Missing Teeth:

Think your mouth is hopeless or itʼs too late? Maybe it is, but most likely it isn’t. How much longer do you want to suffer before doing something about it? You know doing nothing is only going to cost more to fix later, costing more pain, or costing more teeth and jaw bone to be lost. Whatever way, itʼs going to cost. Lose all your teeth and you have taken 10 years off your life!

It may be fear keeping you away, or embarrassment because youʼve let things get this bad, or you may think there aren’t affordable payment plans to get it fixed. Itʼs OK. We hear this all the time and weʼve done something about it. Thatʼs why people just like you choose Smiles for Life Dental Care for their smile solutions rather than continuing to suffer from the pain and embarrassment another day longer.

Knowledge, experience, and advanced multi-disciplinary training are crucial to predictable success when it comes to complex reconstruction. So choose your dentist carefully. Dr. Joseph Juracka has the training, experience, and specialized equipment to restore severely damaged teeth, chewing function, and worn-out smiles comfortably and predictably. His years of post-graduate learning and training with the most respected leaders in dentistry have given him the competence and confidence to systematically care for even the most difficult cases.

Complex reconstruction begins by establishing a healthy foundation followed by a marriage of creative cosmetic and functional restorative dentistry to create a strong and healthy smile once again.

If the condition of your teeth and ability to chew has been severely compromised, a predictable and successful result will undoubtedly entail more than a crown here or filling there. Please donʼt despair, believing the damage is hopeless. Call today and learn more about how we can help you end the pain and gain the pleasure of smiling again.

Aging Seniors’ Teeth:

Everyone longs for a strong, solid smile that lasts a lifetime. Missing teeth, failing teeth, and infected gums can have a profound impact on your appearance, self-esteem, and overall health. I made an observation long ago that many aging adults were coming to me wanting more than to “just get by” until something else broke or they lost yet another tooth. As we age, we often feel “written off,” “forgotten,” or being treated just enough to “get by.” Get by for what? With advances in modern medicine, many of us are going to live to 100!

For most aging adults, “Losing my teeth is not an option!” and for good reason. Did you know that by saving your teeth, youʼll probably live 10 years longer and enjoy a far better quality of life? The big reason is that in losing your teeth, you lose the function and biting forces to properly break down the “right” kinds of foods in the first stage of digestion. Moreover, without teeth, people will favor less healthy easy-to-eat foods like jello and casseroles. Never mind what not having teeth can do to your self-esteem.


When you lose your teeth, what you may not know is that you also lose jaw bone that supports your face, and a lot of it! Then you can be left with a sunken-in wrinkled prune-like face. However, if you suffer from pain and embarrassment from your dentures, donʼt despair. At Smiles for Life Dental Care, we have rescue denture solutions to have you chewing better and smiling with confidence.

A basic denture gives you “plastic teeth.” A Face Lift Denture gives you a natural-looking great smile and the support your face needs to look young and alive. No surgery required. We custom design the support and look you want right in your new denture. Eliminate wrinkles, sunken lips, and look years younger too. Itʼs easy and affordable and available at Smiles for Life Dental Care. Donʼt feel “forgotten.” Get back the comfort, smile, and dignity you deserve at Smiles for Life Dental Care.

Unable to chew well with painful dentures? Fortunately, this is the age of dental implant solutions at Smiles for Life Dental Care. An affordable and permanent way of attaching or securing your “teeth” to get back the function, confidence, and health you desire. In addition, dental implants act like teeth to stimulate your jaw bones to help prevent bone loss.

Dental Implants:

Missing a tooth, a few teeth, or even all of your teeth? Dental Implants are your best option and more affordable than ever before. Shaped like your tooth root, implants integrate and become one with the bone providing an anchor stronger than a tooth. With selected attachments, we can place a tooth, a bridge or a complete denture secured in place. Without teeth or an implant ‘stimulating the jaw bone, the bone supporting your face just dissolves away. Dental implants are proven, permanent, natural-looking restorations that blend beautifully with your remaining teeth to get back your healthy smile.

Smiles for Life Dental Care implant center is equipped to plan and place your dental implants to restore your smile and confidence. When you discover how easy and affordable it is to have dental implants and a better quality of life, youʼll be wondering why you waited so long. Best yet, they wonʼt ever get cavities!

Teeth Whitening Center:

The internet is full of whitening products, itʼs no secret. All of them are unregulated and unpredictably effective, always over-promising and under-delivering, leaving you disappointed in the end. In over 20 years of whitening experience, we have yet to see a great whitening result from any TV- or internet-based product. The same applies for over-the-counter products, such as Crest White Strips. If they worked well, we wouldnʼt even bother to promote whitening options in our office.

And for the hard-to-whiten smiles like Tetracycline staining or gray shades, we now offer KöR™ whitening. With patient compliance, this product has made the impossible-to-whiten possible!

KöR™ whitening is effective due to the special design that allows it to keep saliva and other fluids from lessening the impacts of the whitening formula. This provides as much as six to ten hours of whitening treatment as opposed to other methods where your teeth might have contact with a whitening formula for less than one hour.

Prevention and Intervention

Gum and Periodontal Disease is more prevalent than heart disease, stroke, Alzheimerʼs, and cancer combined. Increasingly, studies are finding that the gum pocketsʼs one cell layer lining between the bacteria of the mouth and bloodstream is triggering more health problems than ever imagined. Conservative estimates suggest at least 60% of the U.S. population suffers from this silent disease. Whether itʼs early inflammation affecting the gums (gingivitis) or advanced inflammation destroying the ligaments and bone holding your teeth in your head (periodontitis), prevention and intervention may just save your life.

You may notice gum disease as swollen, tender, or bleeding gums when you brush or floss. The build-up of toxins produced by the combination of plaque bacteria, mucous, and food debris cause infection and inflammation. Left untreated in the early stages, the gum disease (gingivitis) spreads to the ligaments and bone that anchor the teeth, destroying both of them (periodontitis), and leaving you without teeth. All this time, toxins from the periodontal inflammation are being released into the bloodstream triggering even worse health problems.

Periodontal disease (infection of the gums and bone around the teeth) remains the #1 underdiagnosed disease, the #1 cause of tooth loss, and poses a higher risk correlation than diabetes, high blood pressure, or cholesterol for heart disease! The latest peer-reviewed scientific research conclusively links the inflammation of gum disease to triggering many life-threatening systemic diseases, including heart disease, stroke, and diabetes just to name a few.

Prevention is the key. Thanks to modern prevention, tooth infection is no longer the #1 cause of death. Unfortunately, with the excess sugars in our diets, cavities are on the rise again! There is no cure or magic pill for gum disease, only an effective combination of preventive care. We offer personalized hygiene, preventive treatments, and easy at-home solutions that work to keep your familiesʼ teeth healthy and well. Remember, healthy gums don’t bleed! If you are experiencing bleeding gums when you brush or floss, you need help!