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Welcome to Smiles for Life Dental Care, your new Dental Home

dentist in saratoga springs nyEvery detail of our Saratoga Springs dental office is designed with YOU in mind. Your comfort, your care, your health, and your satisfaction are what define Smiles for Life Dental Care. We listen to you with a compassionate ear and want you to feel safe and confident in our care. Here, fears of the dentist melt away, leaving you with a better smile and a new outlook on dental care. Dr. Joseph Juracka has taken over 20 years of patient experiences and dental advances and integrated them into the Feng Shui office design elements of sight, smells, tastes, touch and sounds. Itʼs OK, experience luxury in a spa-like environment for no additional cost. Itʼs just our way of saying how much we care.

See a Dental Office Like No Other:

Your vision of what a dental office looks like is about to change. At Smiles for Life Dental Care, you will not see a drab waiting room jammed full of patients and outdated magazines. We have no waiting room; we have a reception living room that beckons you to kick off your shoes and make yourself comfortable. The palate of eye-pleasing textures, colors, and patterns are designed to calm and comfort you. Our office is completely brand-new, efficient, and state-of-the-art in every regard. Your treatment room experience has been enhanced by engineering delivery systems that eliminate any stress-provoking visuals from your field of view. You wonʼt be left staring at scary equipment, instruments or worse. Instead beautiful artwork and HDTV patient monitors stream calming images or a favorite movie soothes the senses. You wonʼt be ‘blinded by the light’ as our hi-tech LED lights and ‘cool’ protective shades eliminate that. The best sight of all is that the dental office is impeccably clean, neat and organized; a personal reflection of who we are.

It Doesn’t Smell Like a Dental Office:

Donʼt you hate that ‘dental office smell?’ Those noxious smells can trigger fear and anxiety that send chills down your spine and a cold sweat to pass over you. The smells of a typical dental office donʼt exist in our office because we consciously choose better products and keep the office clean and air filtered. As you walk in, you may detect a light aroma of lavender and citrus to calm and relax you. Most importantly, we ourselves have fresh breath and impeccable hygiene. In fact, we have a “signal” to alert each other if ever one of us needs to ʻfreshen up.ʼ Seriously.

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Pleasant Taste:

The ‘gagging’ tastes of goopy impressions, slimy fluoride, and other obnoxious products have been virtually eliminated here with newer systems and our own product taste-testing process. For your same day crowns, goopy impressions have been replaced by an amazing digital laser wand. While in the reception living room, please enjoy the taste our refreshing spring water, gourmet coffee, or herbal tea at our beverage station. Of course, our interior decorator had excellent “taste” in her selection of design elements for your office environment.

A Gentle Touch:

Our gentle touch keeps patients coming back. Our special touches are what have them telling others about us. In the reception living room, you will find the most comfortable chairs we could find flanked by quaint end tables, all hand made in the USA. And if you are waiting for a loved one to complete a longer visit, make yourself comfortable, kick off your shoes and curl up with a pillow and soft blanket. And enjoy our complimentary Wi-fi if you wish. In the treatment rooms, you will settle into ultra-leather patient chairs with memory foam support and quiet ergo-massagers built into each one. Enjoy a soft blanket to comfort you, a warmed rice pack cradling your neck, or a steamed towel to refresh you at the end of your visit. We also provide fluid-resistant capes to keep fine clothes neat and numerous other nice touches throughout the office as ways of letting you know how much we care.

Calming and Quieted Sounds:

Have you ever been in an office where you can hear every phone conversation at the front desk or the sounds of the drill echoing down the hallway? Our careful attention to sound engineering has all but eliminated spill-over noises and what should be private conversations. Objectionable ambient sounds are replaced with soothing contemporary spa music. Yes, but what about the drill? At Smiles for Life Dental Care, we use new state-of-the-art designed systems. They are super quiet, donʼt chatter and donʼt send chills down your spine like the old whining and rattling ones found elsewhere. Personal headphones and i-pods are made available to you in each room to stream whatever you desire from the internet. The office sounds of joy, laughter, and satisfaction speak volumes as to just what kind of office you have chosen to call your dental home.

Environmentally Friendly Design and Made in the USA Equipment

Our new dental office in Saratoga Springs is constructed with “green” building materials, fixtures and finishes that are environmentally responsible and people friendly. The lighting is energy efficient, the treatment room floors medical grade organic, the paints low VOC, the carpets earth friendly, the electronics Energy Star rated, and the ‘envelope’ is from sustainable sources. Finally, most all of our dental equipment, instruments, materials and furnishings were manufactured to the highest standards right here in the USA. Smiles for Life Dentistry is doing its part to do the right thing. Come see and experience what a great dental office can be.

Call us today (518 886-8610)… Discover something you never thought was possible—a great dental care experience, a healthy smile, and a whole new lease on life—at Smiles for Life Dental Care.