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“Best dental work I have ever had. Everyone comments on my beautiful smile. His staff is excellent. By far the best hygenist I have ever had.” – Josh

“Dr. Johnson and his team are knowledgeable, kind and trustworthy. I can truly say, somehow having work done by Dr. Johnson seems more like a pleasure than a pain. I feel great that my teeth not only look better, but are strong for a lifetime.” – Shirley

“Dr. Johnson actually cares about our comfort and concerns and fears. I had a wonderful experience and highly recommend you to all I talk to.” – Star

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Smiles for Life Dental Care
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 by Maria DeLaLuz
Awesome People Doing Awesome Things!

It's not often that someone surprises me with genuine concern for another human being. Marc Johnson is one of those folks who truly cares. I took a coworker as a walk in (more like a run in) because he was in excruciating pain. There were no appointments available, however adjustments were made and Doc Johnson performed his skills and extracted a tooth for a very reasonable price. THANK YOU!

 by Tiggi

Dear Dr. Johnson,

I want to thank you again for all you do and for not only making one of the most beautiful crowns I’ve ever had but for Saving a tooth which 3 oral surgeons and 3 dentists said, “ It can’t be saved, “extract”!
Perhaps being an artist makes me super particular and critical especially when it comes to my mouth and the extensive work I’ve had for many years. I’ve come across many dentists in many states and a few countries but never has anyone come close to your caliber.

I was expecting such high standards which I was beginning to think were unattainable until you became my dentist, at which time I realized that such a Highly Qualified, Highly Skilled, Brilliant Dr. Marc Johnson does exist and is truly in a class of his own!
You are not the average diamond in the rough, but the Hope Diamond!

I am Truly So Grateful to have found you!

An Outstanding Dentist! Dr. Johnson’s Credentials Speak For Themselves ~ Having Attended the “Number One Dental School” in the Country~ U of Michigan! It Definitely Shows in His Ability to do the Most Difficult Procedures~ Dr. Johnson is not only Highly Educated but a Great Diagnostician, Precise, Meticulous and Caring. He Saved a Tooth Which I was Told Could Not Be Saved; this Speaks Volumes For His Reputation and Excellent Training & Skills.
It has Literally Taken Me Years to Find a Dentist in Upstate NY, ( Saratoga Springs) whom I’m Happy to call My New Forever Dentist!
The Assistants and Staff are Wonderful! The Office is Immaculate and Taking All Necessary Precautious During the Pandemic.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the exceptional care I have received. Wishing you a continued stellar career!


 by Laura R.
A wonderful experience

I had an appointment this morning with Dr. Johnson. What an awesome experience I had. Dr. Johnson listened to all of my concerns and gave me a thorough explanation of everything he was doing. He was so kind and made me feel so comfortable especially since the dentist usually isn’t my favorite place to go. His staff were all unbelievably nice and so helpful! I highly recommend Dr. Johnson!

 by Gloria
Life changing

Dr. Johnson changed my life. I was ready to give up on myself and my teeth after meeting numerous other dentists who either could/ would not help me or judged me and me feel terrible about my teeth. As a mother, it has been a long time since I made the time to do something for myself. I always felt like if the kids had everything that that was all I ever needed.

Then I a took a shot and made the appointment and Dr.Johnson's. I was met with a genuine compassion that I hadn't seen before. I was not judged and in fact I was treated wonderfully by every single person working in that office. Especially surprised considering I had dreaded seeing another dentist and dreaded hearing that I had nothing I could do.

I thought Dr. Johnson was crazy at first. He was so confident that he could get me my smile back and I thought this man has lost his mind.

I put my faith in him and he did everything he promised and then some. I cant say enough how much everyone at Smiles For Life changed things for me. I got more than just my smile back..... I got my confidence back. Something I thought I never could regain. I highly recommend Dr. Johnson if you are ready for a life change and ready to smile again. Thanks Doc!

 by Colleen

2 years ago I had an implant done on my front tooth by a local Saratoga dentist. Unfortunately, it was done half assed (pardon my language). A year and a half later my gums started to recede due to the improper size and shape of the implant and the implant had to be redone (Ugh!) After several consultations with dentists and periodontists I was fortunate enough to be referred to Dr. Johnson. He spent time with me going over my options, consulted with my previous dentist and thoroughly reviewed the periodontists consultation notes which recommended not only a new implant but also a gum graft due to the extensive recession of my gums (remember...this is my front tooth!). Needless to say I was not enthused to start this process. But now that I have completed the process I can say with out any hesitation that Dr. Johnson did an amazing job. This is coming from a patient that used to travel home (to Buffalo from New Jersey) to go to my childhood dentist until I was probably 35 yrs old because he was also a professor at the University of Buffalo's Dental School (ranked 10th in the Nation and 11th worldwide). So needless to say I am very particular about my dentists. Dr. Johnson is professional and very personable. He is extremely knowledgeable and although he agreed with the periodontists recommendation that I would need a gum graft (god that sounds painful) he wanted to try a technique that he thought may work to help stimulate the growth of my gums....and guess what??? Yep...it worked!! When I smile you would never know I have an implant front and center. I can't thank you enough, Dr. Johnson. I wish I would have come to you first when I needed the original implant but thank god our paths crossed. I would highly recommend Dr. Johnson. And his assistant, Farrah, is also wonderful. ~ Colleen S.

 by Bill

Dr. Johnson and staff were very professional and kind. They made me feel very comfortable. The dentistry performed, changed my “smile for life”! Thank you everyone. It was my good luck to have met you!

 by Mary Ann

Let me start off with letting Dr. Johnson and his staff know what a pleasure it was coming to your office. I needed extensive dental work and Dr. Johnson took the time and explained all my options. Best option was implants. I started procedure in April 2017 and finished September 2018. Dr. Johnson is a perfectionist along with his staff. I was in the office from April 2017 to Sept. 2018 once A month and sometimes twice a month. End result is I can't stop smiling. I cannot thank Dr. Johnson and his staff for putting that smile back on my face.

 by Jerry

I just had the 5 in 1 implantable dentures done by Dr. Johnson. The entire experience was preformed professionally and with personal care. The office staff worked with me and were flexible with my schedule. the Hygienist was very caring and professional and very friendly. Dr. Johnson was great. To say he is pleasant and professional is a understatement. He listened to my concerns and took them seriously. He kept fitting and refitting my teeth until everything was exactly the perfect. Even when I was willing to accept 99% he insisted on 100%. Now that I see the amount of professional and technical skill and labor that when into creating my teeth, include the lab tech and his assistant who travels from Rhode Island and spent 6 hr in the office with me and then drove home. The cost was VERY fair and reasonable. The final product is a set of teeth which will last the rest of my life. Excellent,excellent job, I am totally happy.

 by Shannon K.

I've always been someone who was proud to smile and received a lot of comments on my smile all my life.

My life got flipped around in 2008 when my roommate of 4 years passed away. I walked around in a constant state of depression and gave up on myself. After a while, I quit taking care of myself, which included taking care of my teeth. I sadly got into drugs and alcohol for a short period of time and cared even less for myself.

By the time I decided to start taking care of myself again my teeth had gone from being nice, good looking, white teeth to broken, yellow and ugly. I was embarrassed to smile, but when I did smile I wouldn't smile normally because I wanted to hide my teeth as much as I could. I was embarrassed by how my teeth looked. I wasn't comfortable smiling anymore, I wasn't comfortable with myself.

I started taking care of myself recently and one of the things in the top of my list was taking care of my teeth. Getting my teeth back in good shape and caring for them the right way is now a priority for me. I haven't stopped smiling big since the day I got my teeth fixed. I feel comfortable again with how my teeth look, which has boosted my confidence in myself greatly. It is amazing the change you feel when you know you have a great smile.

I couldn't be happier with my smile today and can't thank the people that made it happen enough. It really is a blessing to have my smile back and have more confidence smiling then I have ever had.

Thank you for all the work you all did to give me an amazing smile!

 by Sue

I have been a patient of Dr. Johnson's for many years. He has a genuine concern for his patients and goes out of his way to make them comfortable. No one likes the sometimes necessary injections, but I was pleased to discover on my last visit that Dr. Johnson now has a new type of needle - it vibrates! I can honestly say I felt nothing! I love that Dr. Johnson is a leader in everything that is cutting edge in his field of dentistry. I admire that he gives back - volunteering his dental services overseas.

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