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Advanced Technologies Means Better Dentistry, Greater Comfort, and an Elevated Standard of Care

You put your trust and faith in us to offer and deliver the best that dentistry has to offer. Anything less is a disservice and can result in a less-than-desired outcome. Smiles for Life Dental Care is committed to ongoing enhancements of our patient care services as technology and best practices advance. And our advanced systems make these exceptional services affordable and attainable for almost everyone.

Got Implants?

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  • Dental Implants are so easy and so predictable and do so much to help restore lost function and smiles, they are the option of choice today. We have been restoring dental implants since implants came of age over 20 years ago. Now after months..and months of hands-on advanced training with the leading experts in dental implant education, Dr. Joseph Juracka can now save you the hassles and insecurity of going ʻsomewhere elseʼ to have your implants placed. Recent advances have streamlined and improved the predictable outcome of your needed dental implants. In addition, dental implants today are now more affordable than ever before. Smiles for Life Dental Care can now plan, place, and restore implants for almost any situation.
  • Need a denture to stay put? A couple of affordable implants make all the difference in the world. Want more stability? Add a few more. Want to get rid of that denture all together? Let’s see what implants might do for you.
  • Missing 1 or more teeth? Dental Implants all the way if the bone is still there. If not, we can grow some back and still make it work.
  • Dental implants are different than most other “implants” or bone replacements. Dental implants osseointegrate, that is, they fuse with the bone so solid and tight they are anchored stronger than a tooth. Long term is most likely a lifetime. If you are considering dental implants, your teeth didn’t make it that long.

E4D ™ CAD/CAM Dentistry: One-Visit Crowns and a New Smile in a Day.

  • Dental Cerec CAD/CAM (computer-aided design / computer-aided milling)
    restorations have been evolving for nearly 20 years but were never as accurate, beautiful, or strong as lab fabricated restorations. In 2010, technology finally surpassed what the finest human lab technician could ever produce on his finest day. Usher in E4D ™ the new standard in restorative dentistry. One visit crowns are better and our in-office E4D CAD/CAM can make your new crown in less than one hour. Even better, you can have A New Smile in a Day designed and made on our E4D.
  • The tooth is digitally mapped in 3-D with a laser wand, tooth-colored restoration is custom-designed in 3D on the monitor, milled to laser accuracy, custom shaded, heat-processed to over 2000F, tried in (when
    it’s cooled), and then bonded in. Voila! No goopy gagging impressions, no temporaries to fall out, no second visit to get your restoration.
  • “I am so excited to be able to provide this advanced service. This a whole new way of doing dentistry and is the new standard of care for restorative and cosmetic dentistry. It is the greatest advancement in modern dentistry and we are proud to be the first office in the region to offer this system.”

Intra-Oral Digital Cameras: You and I can see together how things are looking 5x-500x times larger than life on 37” HDTV monitors!

Our cameras today are now digital and provide diagnostic image quality never before achievable. We can capture and store images right in your digital patient chart for future comparison. You will appreciate the ability to see and better understand what may be going on and thus make more informed and better decisions about your care.

Digital Camera Documentation of your Smile Transformation.

Transformation. It is said a picture is worth a thousand words. Please view some of the examples of the hundreds of before and after smiles, Dr. Joseph Juracka has done through the years and we are sure you will agree. Some patients never want to look back at what they once looked like. Others carry around their photos for years as a wellness motivator to not end up looking like that again! And the fact that many show off what we did to help them is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Digital X-ray Sensors and the IDI ™ cone: Your exposure has been cut in half with digital sensors, and in 2011 the IDI™ cone reduces that dosage by another 70%!

With the advent of digital x-ray sensors to replace film, we not only eliminated environmentally hazardous processing chemicals, but today reduced exposure times by some 50%. New DC Digital Xray machines have been installed to further improve quality and decrease exposure. In the fall of 2011, IDI (Interactive Diagnostic Imaging ™) introduced a device that has all but eliminated the need for “retakes”, dramatically enhanced the diagnostic image quality, and best yet, decreased patient exposure by another 70%!

We are the first office to adopt this technology in the region and encourage other offices join in. Today in our state-of-the-art office, a complete series of x-rays, something we typically only take every 5 years, is LESS than a single days exposure to everyday atmospheric radiation. Amazing!

FREE Smile Imaging Simulations. See what your smile will look like with white, straight, and beautiful teeth.

For years patients have been wanting to “see what my smile is going to look like” before they decide. Our options until now were other patientsʼ before and afters, waxing up a model of your teeth, or “mocking up” your smile by layering bonding on the teeth. None of them were that great.

Now with smile simulations in about a minute, you can see YOU with whiter, straighter, and a more beautiful smile nearly instantly. And the best part is you can see different options, see your before and after, and you get a simulation picture before you leave for free. Stop imagining how great your smile could be, we can do an image simulation for you to see.

Oral Cancer Visiography: Oral cancer cases are skyrocketing nationally!

Using a new filtered fluorescing light illumination device, we are able to detect oral cancer that would otherwise go undetected by a normal visual examination. Many offices that have added this technology are charging an additional cancer screening fee upwards of $40, thus creating barriers to early diagnosis. Not in our office. We include this new early detection service annually as a no cost addition for all of our patients. Itʼs just the right thing to do.

Dental Lasers: We’ve eliminated the need for scalpel knives and electro-surge cutting machines for most of our procedures.

We have been trained and have incorporated diode laser technology into most all of our soft tissue procedures. Scalpels are rarely needed for many procedures today thanks to laser technology. And say goodbye to electro-surgery devices that cooked tissues and smelled awful. Our new dental lasers enable much greater precision,
virtually painless healing, and better restorations. We use them for for gum sculpting to easily correct a gummy smile, eliminating tongue-tie impediment, minimizing trauma to the gums, or scanning the teeth for cavities.

But what about the SHOT?! A combination of The Best Topical Ever™ + ONSET® anesthesia buffering system + a Gentle Hand = Near “0” Painless Injection.

The new Onset® anesthetic buffering system neutralizes the acidity of normal dental anesthetic to eliminate the “sting” and numb the area faster and better while using less anesthetic. And for those hard to numb or keep numb patients, Onset® has all but eliminated the need for repeated injections. Couple this with “The Best Topical Ever” and itʼs virtually painless. This numbing before the numbing product is truly a new standard in patient comfort

Dentrix™ Patient Care Software: This advanced software is the “gold standard” in dental patient care management.

Complete your medical forms on our I-pad, receive your appointment notices by text, email, phone call, or any combination you choose, have questions about your care answered immediately without having to dig through paper charts and files. These are just a few of the benefits our Dentrix software offers you. We have been able to reduce our environmental footprint, eliminate the weaknesses and exposure of paper record keeping, and better care for you using Dentrix, the best practice management software in dentistry today.


Free Smile Makeover Digital Simulation

Embarrassed by the look of your teeth? Are you unhappy with your current smile? We invite you in for a Free Digital Smile Makeover to see what is possible. From simple whitening to advanced smile makeover, the choice is always yours. There is absolutely no obligation or high pressure. This is a fun and informative way for you to meet us and see the Smiles for Life Dental Care office. Best yet, you get to keep the before and after images too! This offer is for a limited time only, so call today.

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