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Smiles for Life Dental Care
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by Shannon K. on Smiles for Life Dental Care

I've always been someone who was proud to smile and received a lot of comments on my smile all my life.

My life got flipped around in 2008 when my roommate of 4 years passed away. I walked around in a constant state of depression and gave up on myself. After a while, I quit taking care of myself, which included taking care of my teeth. I sadly got into drugs and alcohol for a short period of time and cared even less for myself.

By the time I decided to start taking care of myself again my teeth had gone from being nice, good looking, white teeth to broken, yellow and ugly. I was embarrassed to smile, but when I did smile I wouldn't smile normally because I wanted to hide my teeth as much as I could. I was embarrassed by how my teeth looked. I wasn't comfortable smiling anymore, I wasn't comfortable with myself.

I started taking care of myself recently and one of the things in the top of my list was taking care of my teeth. Getting my teeth back in good shape and caring for them the right way is now a priority for me. I haven't stopped smiling big since the day I got my teeth fixed. I feel comfortable again with how my teeth look, which has boosted my confidence in myself greatly. It is amazing the change you feel when you know you have a great smile.

I couldn't be happier with my smile today and can't thank the people that made it happen enough. It really is a blessing to have my smile back and have more confidence smiling then I have ever had.

Thank you for all the work you all did to give me an amazing smile!

by Sue on Smiles for Life Dental Care

I have been a patient of Dr. Johnson's for many years. He has a genuine concern for his patients and goes out of his way to make them comfortable. No one likes the sometimes necessary injections, but I was pleased to discover on my last visit that Dr. Johnson now has a new type of needle - it vibrates! I can honestly say I felt nothing! I love that Dr. Johnson is a leader in everything that is cutting edge in his field of dentistry. I admire that he gives back - volunteering his dental services overseas.

by Alvina G. on Smiles for Life Dental Care

Best dental work I have ever had. Everyone comments on my beautiful smile. His staff is excellent. By far the best hygeniest I have ever had.

by Jenn E. on Smiles for Life Dental Care

Dear Dr. Johnson,

My last appointment with you was 3PM June 30. You still had patients waiting, had to move quickly on to the next and I was too slow to adequately thank you.

I'd like you to know it's great to have teeth again. The work is so good it took no time to adjust to the change.

Thank you very much for your efforts in making it possible.

Yours truly,
Jenn E.

by Jodi on Smiles for Life Dental Care

I can't thank Dr. Johnson enough for coming to the rescue!

He is a kind and considerate person as well as an

Excellent professional! This is what make him a

Success! His compassion for his patients is

Beyond compare. I can't thank him enough for

Taking the time to repair my tooth. Truly patient focused.

Thank you a million times for my smile!

by Tina B. on Smiles for Life Dental Care

Dear Dr. Johnson

I was enjoying a beautiful fall day with a cup of coffee when I picked up the Saratoga Today newspaper. I was delighted to see the article about you and Parker doing free dental work for the needy in Guatemala. What a wonderful thing for you to do and what an outstanding example of kindness and giving back that you displayed for your son.

Not only do I feel lucky to have you for my dentist, I feel proud to tell people that Dr. Marc Johnson is my dentist. You are an outstanding example to the citizens of Saratoga Springs. Thank you for being my dentist.

by Michael S. on Smiles for Life Dental Care

Dear Dr. Johnson and Staff,

I felt the need to inform you that I am extremely grateful and more than happy about you did for me. All my life I’ve lacked proper health care and haven’t ever had the funds to visit a dental office. I’m now trying to establish insurance for myself to make sure I can make the necessary visits to the dentist. You guys walked me through my first procedure and made me feel comfortable in deciding to go back. Not only that but you saved my teeth and even more so, saved my smile. My teeth may not be the whitest or the straightest but I appreciate the fact that I have them more and now they’re clean so thank you!


Michael S.

by Anonymous on Smiles for Life Dental Care
Denistry With Pride, Precision and Care and Humor

We have all probablly had a dentist/dental horror story in our past. Fortunately for me, having spent over $25,000 at two other dentists with horrible results, I received a post card with a picture of Dr. Johnson. He looked caring and professional and you could tell by his smile that he had a great sense of humor. (Just look at the box you have to check to submit your review. You have to prove you are human. Everything with a laugh!) When he examined my teeth, he thought outside the box and came up with solutions that were quicker. like same day implants and cantilever bridges. We decided on sedation surgery so he could do the entire upper and lower at one time on different days. I never even had a toothache after surgery! And the cost was less than the ones I already paid for and had to have them replaced because of defects. Even the uniforms are classy, not the normal flowered tops, but a uniforms that respected the quality of care that the staff maintains. My experience continues to be the best dental care I have ever had. Thanks for the post card, Doc!

by Anonymous on Smiles for Life Dental Care
Unexpected Migraine Relief

Dr. Johnson fit me with an NTI mouth guard to inhibit nightly grinding that was diagnosed from my worn teeth. I didn't realize that this grinding played a key role in my chronic migraines. Wearing the NTI for the last few months has nearly stopped the migraines! Thank you.

by Anonymous on Smiles for Life Dental Care

As a patient of Dr. Johnson's a few years ago, it was a pleasure seeing him once again. He and all of his dental staff, Missy, Rene and Tonya were very professional, courteous and caring. Tonya gave me the most fantastic and thorough cleaning I have ever had. Thank you to everyone. It was a great experience.

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