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We All Want the Best Success for our Dental Health and Wellness.

Dentistry is a learned and perfected blend of art and science. It’s only natural that we seek the best dentist – one with the highest credentials, the most experience, and the best technology. Beyond that, we also want someone who truly cares and takes the time to really listen to us. That’s why so many people choose Smiles for Life Dental Care.


Traditionally, we accept the following methods of payment for your visits:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card:
    Dentist Saratoga Springs

We believe that healthy teeth and great smiles don’t have to hurt your budget. Financing to get those bigger things in life that we want and need is often the right choice. That is why we are proud to offer dental financing with CareCredit, Lending Club, and Dental Banc. All with various options for short and long terms financing and even 0% financing to help you get the healthy and gorgeous smile you’ve always wanted. Click on the links to learn more and apply.

CareCredit: A flexible and convenient way to pay for all of your healthcare expenses. Apply here for CareCredit financing.

Lending Club: Extended plans with low monthly payments. For more information, simply ask a team member or visit

DentalBanc: Easy auto draft monthly financing. For more information about DentalBanc contact our team, or visit

Dentist Saratoga Springs


At Smiles for Life Dental Care, we really understand and can help patients save money and income taxes with little known and under utilized sources of coverage. Many patients don’t even know they have these benefits! Some of these sources include an HSA (Health Savings Account), MER (Medical Expense Reimbursement) account, MSA (Medical Savings Account), 401K, 403B, and others. These strategies are excellent ways to save hundreds and even thousands of dollars for treatment being done in planned phases. Call us to learn more about these and other ways to save.

Our Personalized Care Promise To You:

  • Avoid the Emotional devastation of losing your teeth
  • Prevent the Pain of toothaches
  • End the Embarrassment of missing teeth
  • Stop the Frustration of Breaking teeth
  • Prevent Permanent bone loss and life-threatening effects of Gum Disease



The majority of today’s dental plans yearly MAXIMUM benefit to you is $1500-$2000, and has not changed since dental insurance of the 1950’s. Did you know that was the value of the average NEW car in the 50’s? Today’s average car is over $34,000, more coverage than most anyone ever needs! Back then, you could choose the best dentist in Saratoga Springs, receive the highest quality dental care, and receive coverage for most everything.

Today, it’s very different. Please don’t be misled into thinking that if you have dental insurance, it’s going to cover everything or that the best dentist in Saratoga Springs will be participating in your plan. Benefits can run out quickly after one troubled tooth, no matter where you go.

Do You Take My Dental Insurance?

Saratoga Springs NY Dentist
That’s an excellent question and in most cases the answer is yes. We are an UNRESTRICTED provider, free to provide the best treatment at a fair price for exceptional long-term value as an out-of-network provider of excellence.

We are experts in insurance coding, maximizing benefits, and minimizing out-of-pocket expenses in ways many patients don’t even know exist!

Fact: insurance companies make their money by charging you the highest premiums they can, paying in-network doctors the least amount they can negotiate, and limiting your choices of covered options for your smile.

Dr. Joseph Juracka, your dentist in Saratoga Springs, will advocate for you to get the most coverage and benefits allowable by law for the kind of care you want and deserve. If you need to, we can often provide your dental care in phases so you can make the most of your dental benefits and your budget.

The Ethical Choice: No Short Cuts, Personalized Care, and Lasting Value

Saratoga Springs NY Dentist
To provide the excellent personalized care that our patients expect at Smiles for Life Dental Care, we have chosen to be an out-of-network provider for your plan.

By contracting to be In-network, a dentist is forced to discount his fee for services provided and to restrict his services to what the insurance company dictates. Understandably, something has to give. Maybe it’s the experience and training of the dentist and the team, or the quality of the materials and lab work, or the amount of time they give to listening and caring for you.

Dr. Joseph Juracka couldn’t do that. We have chosen to not lower our standards of care or reduce health options for our patients to give greater profits to insurance companies. While it may be true that you can have your dental work done more cheaply, you will be unlikely to receive individualized care or advanced solution options with an in-network provider. The overall value for in-network care is reduced as well, as restorations typically last 2-3 times longer when done by out-of-network providers.

Unlike cars and clothes, your teeth are the only ones you’re ever going to get. Better quality work may cost a little more, but consider the overall value of having a healthy, beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime.

Why Does It Cost More? Aren’t all crowns and dentists the same?

Our care solutions last much longer and patients in our care have fewer problems than average. Two different artists with the same paintbrush and paint could create anything from a masterpiece to absolute rubbish, depending on their skills, knowledge and passion.

Our proven methods and systems of care are carefully designed to be as cost-effective as possible, but to learn them, implement them, and provide them does require investment. However, we believe that your greater comfort, longer lasting results, and fewer problems are worth our time and effort. Of course, seeing your pleasure and confidence in your smile is the best part of what we do!

We will never cut corners to save time or use inferior materials to save money. Your crowns, bridges or dentures will never be outsourced overseas to unregulated dental labs to save a few bucks.

We employ best practices, including pain-free injections using the Vibraject™ delivery method, and our friendly knowledgeable team stays up to date with the latest techniques and technologies. These are choices we make as dentists every day.

At Smiles for Life Dental Care, we use the best products, the most advanced equipment, the latest proven techniques, and the finest dental labs.

Isn’t that the personalized care you want for you and your family?

Smiles for Life Dental Care in Saratoga Springs is the dentist office where you want to be.


If you are an employer or an employee wanting dental benefits, consider the American Dental Associationʼs endorsed Direct Reimbursement Plans (DRP). They are easy to implement, can provide great benefits, and are very cost effective to offer. Dollar for dollar, they are one of the best values available.