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To My New Patient,

First, I want to thank you for getting this far in your search for a dentist that understands your concerns, fears, and anxieties and one that you can trust. You obviously want help and are trying to find solutions. Rest assured, youʼve come to the right place.

Why would I say that, you might ask? Well, I too was deathly afraid of the dentist when I was a child. Like many people my age without prevention, I had dental problems too. My dentist didnʼt want to hear about it, didnʼt believe my baby teeth had feelings and never numbed anything, not even for an extraction! I was so traumatized by these visits that I would run and hide in my Grandmotherʼs closet knowing I had a dental appointment.

To this day, I can still remember the smells of that cedar closet, the textures of my grandmotherʼs clothing, and the dark silence I was surrounded in until I was discovered. I would be hauled off to the dentist kicking, crying and screaming. And that dental office; the cold sterile waiting room, the clinic smells that hung in the air, and the sounds Iʼd hear echoing down the hallway are still imprinted on my brain today. So yes, I understand, because I had fears too.


Marc A. Johnson DDS

Has your dental fear, anxiety or embarrassment kept you from visiting a dentist for years while your self-confidence, health, and comfort deteriorate? You are not alone. In fact, over 100 million Americans like you and I suffer dental anxiety. And 10ʼs of millions more are just so embarrassed by what is going on in their mouth, they avoid the dentist too. If this sounds like you or a loved one, Smiles for Life Dental Care in Saratoga Springs NY is your preferred choice.

Dream of how wonderful you would feel with a smile that no longer hurts or embarrasses you? Now imagine that those dreams can be realized in just a couple of treatment visits with virtually no pain, no memory, and no anxiety. And best yet, we can make it easily affordable too.

No matter how scared, how bad, or how embarrassed you and your teeth may be. You know waiting wonʼt make things any better. Take that next step to a better and healthier you. Pick up the phone and call 518 886-8610 today. Weʼre here to listen and to serve you.


Why Fearful and Embarrassed Dental Patients Choose Us:

A compassionate team of highly trained care givers

You want to be confident and comfortable with who you choose for your personal dentistry. Our dental team has years of training, experience, and true understanding of how to best serve your individual needs. We are not here to judge or ridicule, we are here to truly listen, to earn your trust, and provide a dental experience that will change
your life for the better. Dr Marc Johnson has over 20 years experience providing complex reconstruction and beautiful cosmetic solutions. Through the years, he has earned the trust and respect of hundreds of highly fearful and embarrassed people who would not otherwise have stepped foot in a dental office. Our team is all highly trained in
best practices and proper care for you and your loved ones who are afraid or have neglected their smiles.

Conscious Sedation Dentistry:

Effective, safe, and IV-free sedation dentistry has changed the lives of millions for the better. Dr Marc Johnson has been a trained and certified sedation dentist for over a decade now. With Advanced DOCS (Dental Oral Conscious Sedation) Program completion and years of real life experience, we have developed specialized skills to make your experience the best that it can be. A combination of oral medications, continuous vital sign monitoring and care techniques provide a safe, pleasant and effective visit.

During your visit, you will always be able to communicate with us so that we know you are comfortable and doing well. You will have a qualified dental assistant always by your side and your vital signs continually monitored. The amnesic effect of the medications make hours seem like minutes and provide you with little memory of your wonderful visit with us. The effects of oral sedation often last for several hours, so you will need to arrange to have a friend or family member drive you home following the procedure. The medications reduce excess saliva, decrease, not increase nausea, and significantly minimize any post-op discomfort. If you are a “gagger” or gag easily, oral sedation is for you.  Even if the thought of getting care starts to make you gag, oral sedation is your solution.  The number one response I get during my follow-up phone calls I make is “that was the best dental visit I ever had Dr Johnson”. Ask us about sedation dentistry and how it can change your life.